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Have you been injured and feel as though someone else may be responsible for your pain and suffering? Wait no more, call 1234. The consultation is free and you don’t pay unless we win! Often times, parties who may be responsible for your injuries will try to decline coverage, delay, make your recovery as difficult as possible, or offer you a small amount of money, hoping either that you give up, or accept the small payout and sign away all of your rights in the process. Furthermore, there are strict time limits within which you must bring your lawsuit, which the opposing party is likely aware of and has incentive to stall for. The amount of time you have to bring a lawsuit is determined by the specific cause(s) of action involved in your case, which an experienced attorney can determine once given the opportunity to analyze the underlying facts. If you wait too long, you will be permanently barred and prevented from bringing your lawsuit.

It’s my job to take your worry away

As an experienced personal injury attorney, it is my job to take your worry away and to ensure that your case will be handled the right way, at the right time, using all resources available to me, to get you as much money as possible to compensate you for your injuries. I deal with insurance companies every day, I know their tactics, and it is my #1 priority to get you the money and peace of mind that you deserve. Without the law in your corner, parties who may otherwise be responsible for your injuries have little incentive to pay you the money that you deserve.
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After I was hit by a car, my fiancé contacted Attorney Sohl to protect my interests while I remained in a coma. Rudolph was very compassionate not only to me, but also to my loved ones during this trying time. Shortly thereafter, he got the maximum recovery to compensate me for my injuries and lost wages, and despite me having 100’s of thousands of dollars worth of medical bills, Rudolph was able to handle my case in a way that avoided having any medical liens, to ensure that I received the most money possible. I would strongly recommend Attorney Sohl to anyone who may need a personal injury lawyer.

– Dana

Pedestrian hit by car

I chose Rudy to represent me after my motorcycle accident because it was clear to me that he really cared about his clients. With his attention to detail and his experience handling personal injury cases, he was able to locate and tap into insurance coverage I never knew existed. Rudy ultimately maxed out every insurance policy that was available for my injuries and got me top dollar for my injuries, fast! 5 star service!

– Anthony

Motorcycle Crash

“When the defense was not offering a reasonable settlement, Rudolph Sohl took my case to trial and was able to obtain a jury verdict worth over 2.5 times the amount of the pre-trial offer. “When the going gets tough, the tough get going “- this phrase perfectly describes Rudy. Thank you Rudy, for all that you did for me and my case!”


– Trial Winning Client

“Rudy got me 3 times as much money as I wanted. After being told by several of the biggest firms around that I had no case, Rudolph Sohl was my last hope. He took my case and he did what he does best. He was always there when I needed answers to questions and he always did what was in my best interest. I received much more money than I was expecting and the whole process was done quick and efficiently. I would highly recommend Rudy, not only for his will and determination, but also for his drive and ambition to do what is in his client’s best interest. I appreciate everything Rudy did for me; he changed my life 100%.”

– Happy Client

 “Rudy has represented me in two car accident cases and he has maxed out multiple insurance policies available to my recovery, getting me the highest possible settlements. As soon as he took my cases over, everything progressed rapidly and my checks started rolling in. I am extremely satisfied with what Rudy was able to do for me and I recommend his services without reservation!”


– Lynn

“My experience with Rudolph Sohl, Esq. was nothing less than excellent, as he is caring, ethical, innovative, and brilliant. I had never needed a lawyer in this capacity before so the whole process was new to me and my family. When we did have questions, his responses were always very thoughtful and thorough. He was able to successfully sort out every roadblock that came up and was able to get me top dollar for my injury, and quickly! The outcome was even better than we had let ourselves hope for! I would recommend him highly. If you need a real competent lawyer, this is my choice.”

– Pete

Slip & Fall

“Rudolph Sohl is a very ambitious, driven, and professional attorney. Excellent work ethic and I cannot stress enough his professionalism. The communication from Rudy is top notch as he was always available, personable, and took the time to ensure I understood each and every step throughout my case. I was pleasantly surprised and very pleased with the settlement amount Rudy was about to obtain for me; more than I had ever expected! Highly recommended!!”

– Jeff

Car Accident

“When the insurance company wasn’t offering a fair amount of money for my pain & suffering, Rudy took my case to trial and was able to obtain a jury verdict over 20 times greater than what the insurance company was offering before trial. Highly recommended!”


Car Accident

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